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Remote Monitoring

With an own comprehensive set of tools, people and processes, Libelle can monitor the flawless operation of your critical systems. This service can include monitoring critical servers, the respective operating system, databases and applications.

Not only that this reduces the workload of your IT-department, this service offers a variety of advantages: Critical situations often result from several factors, whereas some of them are sending out early signals. Having professional consultants interpretting these signals gives you time to react to those situations and implement counter measures.

Service Offerings

Application Level

Monitoring and analyzing dedicated transactions and jobs

  • Monitoring and analyzing log file information
  • ...
Database Level
  • Monitoring and analyzing log files as well as error and warning messages
  • Monitoring disk space allocation and utilization
  • I/O load sharing
  • ...
Operating System Level
  • Monitoring and analyzing system logs
  • Monitoring and analyzing disk space allocation
  • ...
Network and General IT-processes
  • Monitoring local and remote networks
  • Monitoring and analyzing backup and recovery procedures