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Business Continuity Workshop

The Libelle BCM Workshop offers a standardized approach to analyse your company’s BCM framework and to evaluate its adequacy for your business requirements.

In today’s business world, the enterprises’ business processes are increasingly reliant on the availability of IT services to maintain their competitive edge. The failure of even one single IT service can result in dramatic consequences. Besides the decrease of productivity, damage to the company’s image, or financial loss, major incidents can even lead to threatening the company’s survival.

Studies show that in addition to external factors, those internal factors like human errors, operational incidents, or malfunctions of the technical and IT infrastructure lead to about 45 % of the failures in business processes. Adequate Business Continuity Management (BCM) is essential to enterprises to survive in today’s economic environments.

According to this, an effective Business Continuity Management strategy, its efficient implementation within the operational and organizational structure, and its permanent alignment to changing business requirements are topics of major relevance for many companies, with a specific focus on security, safety, and stability of the IT infrastructure and its corresponding IT related processes.

Libelle’s Approach to Assess BCM Maturity

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is not only paperwork. Objectives, roles, processes, and procedures of your company’s BCM framework are only as good as they are implemented and known in the operational and organizational structure.

Libelle offers a standardized approach to analyse your company’s BCM framework and to evaluate its adequacy for your business requirements. This approach includes:

  • Maturity check of existing BCM and its processes
  • Check for derived BCM operations on the level of IT processes and IT infrastructure
  • BCM weak-point analysis
  • Derivation of BCM related recommendations
  • Preparation and support to the BCM organization to prioritize these recommendations
Objectives and Deliverables

In collaboration with the persons in charge and based on a standardized approach of questionnaires, interviews, and workshop elements, Libelle evaluates and analyses strengths and weaknesses of your current BCM framework, identifies problem areas and their correlations, and supports the company’s BCM organization in prioritizing these.

Main deliverable is a catalog of recommendations. This catalog is given in form of a documentation showing the following major topics:

  • Area of evaluation
  • Evaluated maturity of the current BCM framework “as-is” and key findings
  • Identified strengths and weaknesses, gap analysis
  • Recommendations to optimize the current BCM framework, prepared for the prioritization of the company’s BCM organization
Added Value

The Libelle BCM Workshop, based on the approach mentioned above, provides documented added value in the areas of:

  • Determination of critical business and IT processes
  • Derivation of objectives for the company’s BCM framework from business and IT strategy
  • Analysis of those major dependencies that influence the company’s BCM framework
  • Evaluation of maturity and adequacy of the company’s BCM framework
  • Fast and structured assessment of BCM related risks, threats and potential consequences
  • Formulation of BCM related recommendations
  • Preparation and support to the company’s BCM organization in prioritizing these recommendations and planning next steps