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Example SAP High Availability

Project Start

This client faced the challenge to protect his most critical SAP R/3 environment. The main components in this case were one Oracle database and one SAP DB/MaxDB which were both interacting with each other and should be mirrored and switched-over simultaneously. A number of pre-defined system administrators should be enabled to initiate the switch-over in case of a problem.

Solution Approach

All project requirements could be addressed with ease, solved and implemented with BusinessShadow, just one solution for the different aspects:

  • BusinessShadow® component DBShadow® takes care of the heterogeneous database environment
  • BusinessShadow® component SwitchApplication takes care of the switch-over process

The project implementation started with a project kick-off meeting to detail the interdependencies within the complex application environment and possible implementation details. The next step was the actual implementation of the software followed by an in-depth knowledge transfer about how to handle the implementation. The project was rounded off by an emergency switch-over test and an individual user manual which covers potential crash and switch-over scenarios.

Overview of Architecture

Picture of SAP high availablility project architecture