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Example Trans-Continental Mirror

Project Start

This clients’ intend was the protection of his critical environment by realizing a trans-continental Business Continuity concept between Europe and North America. This global Business Continuity approach was based on the global character of his business which simply prohibited the reliance of worldwide operation on just one country.

Solution Approach

All project requirements could be easily addressed, solved and implemented with BusinessShadow®. In this case an additional component of DBShadow® the "Option Long Distance" was implemented to handle the specific challenges of the distance between the datacenters like for example limited bandwidth and high network latency.


The project implementation started with a project kick-off meeting to detail the interdependencies within the complex application environment and possible implementation details. The next step was the actual implementation of the software followed by an in-depth knowledge transfer about how to handle the implementation. The project was rounded up by as an emergency switch-over test and an individual user manual which covers potential crash and switch-over scenarios.

Overview of Architecture

Picture of transcontinental mirroring project architecture