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Example Cross-Over Mirror

Project Start

The client wanted to build up a High Availability (HA) concept but was challenged by a very limited budget. Therefore the investment in an additional, dedicated HA server was not within the project budget. However, the solution should protect his two main applications against logical and physical failures.

Solution Approach

The problem was solved by an approach of a cross-over mirror. Both production systems were integrated in the same HA concept whereby each production server was the emergency server of the respective other server at the same time.


The project implementation started with a project kick-off meeting to detail the interdependencies within the complex application environment and possible implementation details. The next step was the actual implementation of the software followed by an in-depth knowledge transfer about how to handle the implementation. The project was rounded off by an emergency switch-over test and an individual user manual which covers potential crash and switch-over scenarios.

Overview of Architecture

Picture of cross-over mirroring project architecture