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Example Backup Integration

Project Start

This client had two major requirements on his to-do-list: High Availability and Backup Consolidation. All of that should be realized within a limited budget. The intention was to setup a new emergency system in another building where all critical data should be mirrored to. In addition, all offline-backup activities should be performed on this new emergency system to reduce workload on the production server.

Solution Approach

All project requirements could be addressed with ease, solved and implemented with BusinessShadow®. DBShadow® took care of the mirroring of the databases to the emergency server. A dedicated backup integration with an interface to the existing backup solution enabled the client to move the backup procedure away from the production server and now perform it on the emergency system.


The project implementation started with a project kick-off meeting to detail the interdependencies within the complex application environment and possible implementation details. The next step was the actual implementation of the software followed by an in-depth knowledge transfer about how to handle the implementation. The project was rounded off by an emergency switch-over test and an individual user manual which covers potential crash and switch-over scenarios.

Overview of Architecture

Picture of backup integration project architecture