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Example Reporting

Project Start

This client wanted to solve serious issues with an already too high workload on the production environment which was getting more and more challenging due to ever-increasing reporting jobs which added additional workload every day. In addition, the solution should be easy to use due to limited personnel resources within the IT department.

Solution Approach

Using the component DBShadow® of the BusinessShadow® suite, the requirements could be addressed with ease. With DBShadow, a database mirror was setup to continuously mirror the data to another server. Due to the independent processes on the mirror system, the mirror database could be opened read-only at any time. The solution was enhanced with an automated integration of the “recover-start/stop” features of DBShadow with the “open read-only” features of the mirror database.


In addition to a standard DBShadow implementation, the delivery included an automated way to initiate the preparation of the reporting functionality of the mirror database.

Overview of Architecture

Picture of reduce workload on the production site project architecture