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Successful Implementation of Libelle Solutions in the Field

Optimal solutions attract satisfied customers from all branches and areas of expertise.

Here you can read the experiences a few of our customers have made with Libelle solutions. Our solutions can be found in small companies as well as global players.

No matter which branch you come from, Libelle has the right solution.

Customer References

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) automatize and optimize SAP updates and system copies with Libelle SystemCopy

“When billions of transactions and deliveries rely on your IT infrastructure, it’s good to know that it is performing at its best, avoiding any mistakes and waste of time! Libelle and WSS helped us in the pursuit of this goal”. Miglena Mladenova, Systems Architecture and Administration Services Manager


To automatize and optimize SAP updates and system copies, Coca-Cola HBC has chosen Libelle SystemCopy software, a solution distributed on the Italian market by WSS Italia.....Read more....

Gaz Métro - Automating SAP® System Refreshes with Libelle SystemCopy

Gaz Métro refreshes their Test and QA environments of their standard production support landscape of 3 systems after each delivery of changes they do, a total of 7 per year. This means a minimum of 21 clones to 6 non-production environments per year. They also perform clones in their Sandbox and special project landscapes, averaging another 16-20 clones. That results in an average of 40 clones per year, according to the basis team.

Without a way to automate and simplify this process, Gaz Métro had to sacrifice an entire working day per clone per refresh, meaning that for 40 days of the year, the basis team was working solely on refreshing the SAP® environment.

Libelle provided Gaz Métro with a proof-of-concept demonstration of the Libelle SystemCopy tool, showing how installing Libelle on their systems would dramatically decrease the time and resources required for their system refresh procedures......

Professional Transportation, Inc. (PTI) - Replicating Oracle Databases with BusinessShadow

For PTI seamless replication of the Oracle Database to the co-location data site was a major concern. PTI reviewed many software solution options, keeping cost control in mind.

Using the Libelle BusinessShadow solution centralizes the replication process while eliminating errors and protecting data in the case of a disaster incident. Libelle's technology provides continuous data replication with literally guaranteed data consistency, ensuring the integrity of PTI's valuable business information....

Northwest Pipe Company - Automating SAP® System Refreshes with Libelle SystemCopy

The refresh process of the SAP® environment before installing Libelle took Northwest Pipe Company an entire day. After the implementation of Libelle SystemCopy, Northwest Pipe can now perform a complete system copy in only 4 1/2 hours, including all pre-processing steps, a full database copy, and all post-processing steps including BDLS. The Libelle Standard Template Implementation already covered a vast majority of refresh tasks, and additional custom tasks were configured during implementation to increase the level of automation. With continued customization, Libelle and Northwest Pipe are working together towards 100% automation.

The reduction in the length of the refresh process has freed up the time of the Basis Administrator, allowing him to focus on other projects at Northwest Pipe and improving the overall performance of the department.

HUBTEX - Protecting SAP with BusinessShadow® for MaxDB

„Thanks to BusinessShadow, we significantly increased our protection against the disaster incident” Christian Schreiner (SAP Basis/IT-Administration)

MIGROS - Round-The-Clock Protection of the SAP R/3 Database

Migros is the largest supermarket and discount retailer in Switzerland. For round-the-clock protection of the SAP R/3 database – also against software and user errors – Migros uses the database mirror from Libelle. In the event of a crash, a switch is made immediately to the time-deferred mirroring system, and the last error-free status can be reconstructed without data loss. This offers, for one, the optimum protection in the event of an emergency, but it also can be used as a recovery solution, as a data recovery operation can be done significantly more quickly than a “restore from tape.”

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